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big pedalboard help!

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12 Mar 2012 17:20 | Quote
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I need a big pedalboard! I have never had one before but after 5 shows this week and wrapping up over 2k worth of pedals in shirts I am ready to make the leap.

This is what I am working with

3 moog pedals (well two for now but I need that delay)
1 SIB echodrive (which is as big as a moog almost
2 boss dd-7
1 way huge aquapuss
1 ehx memory boy
1 maxxon ad-9
2 ehx holy grails (big version)
1 MXR carbon copy

and I would probably want some room for an eventual voodoo labs pedal power 2 and an addition space for 3-4 more pedals. Any suggestions for great oversized boards that wont break the bank?

15 Mar 2012 22:23 | Quote
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bro thats a lot..... lol make one if u dont want it to be expensive... go to home depot or lowes and get a few sheets of wood, nail the sides together, paint it black, make a top if u want... just buy some hinges to do that part... vwala! pedalboard. lol
16 Mar 2012 01:46 | Quote
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I also suggest own pedalboard stuff, if you not the "artisan type", then you could get someone to do it, with materials I think its still cheaper than buy one from store + you get it unique style suits your stage presence ^^
17 Mar 2012 17:25 | Quote
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common sense really
31 Mar 2012 10:38 | Quote
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Check out the PedalTrain Pro. Plenty of room, light weight with a Codora Soft Case or Hardcase is available but much heavier and expensive. They cost about $150 (less then 10% of your pedal's value). Check eBay, that is where I bought mine.
31 Mar 2012 10:41 | Quote
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This link should help:


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