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Following Chord Changes

Music Theory
7 Mar 2012 11:11 | Quote
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Hi guys,

I have a question when playing solo's over a backing track.
Should you follow chord changes in a progression or can you stick to the key (EG: Am Pentatonic)?

What's better? I'm guessing following chords could give the song more deph.
Is it silly to stay on one key?
Sorry to sound bleak, I was just wondering what people do with the scales once you've learnt them.

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Hm. When I jam to a backing track, I tend to stick to one key. I use the different patterns of the scale to give a different sound and feeling. I've also wondered that, but if you ever studied someone elses solo, for example: Time by Pink Floyd, the solo sticks to one key. I don't think it is silly, but what I sometimes do is use Modes. If you don't know, just try it. And once you learn a scale, you master it. You can get some very freaking amazing sounds from a few notes you've mastered.
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lol so many people ask this same question... go here:

7 Mar 2012 13:45 | Quote
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I guess you could very well follow the chords, it's just not that necessary. When you for instance play a chord progression of A-D-E-A, you could play a minor pentatonic on the fifth fret, slide it up to the tenth and twelfth fret , but that would a bit unsensical to me since the A minor pentatonic also contains the notes D and E.

you could therefore follow the chords but stick to one scale.
for instance you could play a lick on the low E-string, 5th fret (A) then on the A string fifth fret (D) and A string seventh fret (E).
This is just in the A minor Pentatonic.
8 Mar 2012 12:36 | Quote
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I jam a lot with bt's and I improvise all the time. I use scales as a "basic ground" of my "experiment". Moving with the chords is okay technique, but it will not lead you anywhere else NEW? and Im pretty sure you want it, that not sound same everytime with even different notes.

If you play with the "key" or with the "chords" you dont find anything but playing your already known scales over and over. Good practise and easy jammin yeah, but it will not lead you anywhere... just my opinion.

And use modes ^^... ill bet you heard this already XD.


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