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New set up for Resin Hands project

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24 Feb 2012 01:56 | Quote
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I have been working on a project where i play everything live. Mostly 100 percent improvised. Drums guitar bass keys etc. Just sequencing and live recording and looping

There will be effects pedals all over the place. but i wont add those in Mostly delay pedals (10 plus) and some lo pass filters and phaser

This is gonna be my setup for the live portion of one project specifically called resin hands


guitar --> gibson echoplex --> Amp 1
turntable -->

drum pad triggers ---> mpc2500 ---> mixer ---> pa
nord wave -->

moog minimoog ---> bass amp

Vocals --> preamp ---> guitar amp 2


The mpc2500, nord wave, minimoog, will all be tempo synced and everything will be sequenced live with the mpc and recorded live with the echoplex.

Let me know what you think!

24 Feb 2012 16:14 | Quote
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Man, what I think, that sounds awesome... I actually done one "solo" gig where I just improvised lead over backingtracks. It was really cool actually and I thought that audience is concentrating you more when you are improvising and let them notice, that you ARE improvising. (watch Miles Davis performs)

That, if I understand right... you plan a "composing gig" where you build the whole thing at stage... do the drums running... throw some bass to it and so on... Its hard way I think, but I think its really cool... hope you get audience worth of it.

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