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Instruments and Gear
9 Dec 2011 16:12 | Quote
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United States
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this is a guitar im considering has anyone played one or played any guitar by rondo?
9 Dec 2011 16:33 | Quote
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Thought this was a thread about the musical form...

Never tried one looks nice though.
9 Dec 2011 21:00 | Quote
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I was looking at them a while back but just did not feel right about it. The reviews of Agile are suprising good for the price.

Here is a review of the Agile AS-1000

Harmony Central Review Agile AS-1000

I would say for the money, why not get an epiphone dot?

As a former Epiphone Dot owner I can say it's a hell of a guitar and regret letting mine go almost every day. I got mine used for a couple hundred bucks but would not hesitate paying $400 on a new one.

After Christmas I'll be on the hunt for another one.

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