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All guitar players should listen to Umphrey's McGee

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A few of my favorite tidbits but continue searching to find so much more. Their new album is out today, Death By Stereo, and it's their deepest exploration into the world of progressive rock and deep funk yet. The two guitarists, Brendan Bayliss and Jake Cinninger (Brendan being on the PRS and Jake mostly on the G&Ls), are the most dynamic duo I've ever seen live. They seamlessly improvise intense harmonic guitar sequences and counter and compliment each other more than any two players I've ever seen. Yes, they are a "jam band", but that just means they're willing to push the envelope each and every night and never play the same song twice or the same show, for that matter. If they slide through your town (and they will), you absolutely need to go check them out.
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I've been a fan of theirs ever since Anchor Drops. They are a stellar band! Thanks for the heads-up for the new album. Also, they have a ton of podcasts of full concerts to download for free! That's how I first heard of them.

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