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Does anyoone here want to makethere own custom eletric guitar ?

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17 Jun 2007 08:30 | Quote
United Kingdom
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I want to so badly!! A all black strat with white tatoos that would be the dream guitar forme post people opn ur fav guitar
17 Jun 2007 13:19 | Quote
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don't know if you can get this in the uk


may be have a look or get from your libray they may be able to help
18 Jun 2007 10:45 | Quote
United Kingdom
Posts: 33
cool thanks man i hope it works my mum wants to pay for it 1
28 Jun 2007 00:51 | Quote
Posts: 4
I read make your own electric guitar by melvyn hiscock. I am going to make the HH tele he made in the book. I will probaly build it next summer when i have a the parts,wood,and tools

No flame maple though. It is going to be sunburst with a custom headstock. I am going to gule a G cut out of a thin piece of rose wood on the head stock( G is my last initial). No pickguard also. A tone and volume control
29 Jun 2007 20:31 | Quote
Puerto Rico
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I have read about the articles on the internet but takes too expensive, I decided to custom a guitar that I have.

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