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Music Theory
20 May 2011 13:22 | Quote
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I live near Oxford in the uk and i want to do a college course in music so that i can go to uni at some stage and study it but i can't do a day course beacuse i have to work to pay my rent and i have no prior qualifications at gcse level because i wasn't interested in music at that age does anyone know of anywhere that does courses that would be able to help me????
20 May 2011 18:55 | Quote
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Theres quite a few here and there around the south east, I know there's one in guildford and BIMM of course but i doubt you'd want to commute that far! There's one my mate is going to in london which is like 3 days a week. I'll try get the name of it for you!
21 May 2011 00:36 | Quote
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@jcb The royal college of music is in London

You can get in there just on audition but it's very classically minded, playing and writing for ensembles etc. Also I think you have to be pretty amazing to get in although it should say on their site.

Also a music scholarship from royal college of music or guildhall would pay your whole way through the courses.

The open university are also great at part time degrees and you don't need any of this GCSE, A level ucas points twaddle I don't think.
21 May 2011 08:54 | Quote
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I know here in the states, a lot of community colleges (your cheaper universities) offer night classes to accommodate those who work during the day. I'm sure if you look around for night classes you'll find them. If you just want to learn music, it really doesn't matter what course you take and where, as long as you get the basics down to further learn.

If this is just a precursor, I'd say go wherever you can find the course. Worst case, you could always find a private teacher.
21 May 2011 17:47 | Quote
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Online courses maybe?

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