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"Spies (In My Head)"

24 Mar 2011 22:52 | Quote
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This song is called ďSpies (In My Head)Ē. I wrote it really, really quickly, possibly the fastest of anything I've ever written (I'd say it took about 6 minutes). Please tell me what you think!

Verse 1:
What the Hell are you talking about?
Is this the dream or am I incomplete?
I think Iíve lost all there is to lose,
But it can be rebuilt, twice as tall, as the mountains that laugh at us.

Pre-Chorus 1:
But Somewhere in between, the message got lost
Somewhere in between, it got intercepted,
And somebody changed it

Chorus 1:
And As the spies dance in my head
I wonít pretend I know
I wonít pretend I know
And they missed the switch this time
Stuck In between

Verse 2:
To all the world, let it be known
I am King, I am strong.
Stronger than man could ever dream to be
And I dare you to come up here, and see

Pre-Chorus 2:
Yet once again, the message gets lost
And once again, somebody told you that you could have hope
Somebody told you.

Chorus 2:
And as the spies danced in your head
Letís not pretend, letís not pretend
Letís not pretend.
And it seems you missed the switch this time
Stuck in between

Everything I am,
Is pain and suffering
Mixed with the poise and grace
Of the giants
And their thousand trials

Everything I know,
Is the Gods
From their mountain tops
Laughing down at us,
And cracking the Earth we tread

But Iím not afraid, Iíll build it twice as high.
Iím not afraid, Iím terrified
That Iím losing control.
If I ever had it at all.
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your good

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