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Rock Fujiama - Part Four In a RUSH!

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23 Dec 2010 23:58 | Quote
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So I don't have much time, hanging with the family today.

But I did want to show some really cool music today.

Lets kick it off with the Grizzly Bears, fun band and I'm not to sure of their popularity. They are more know for their electronica and psychedelic folk side, but this shows off more of the bands well roundness.

They are a great band to look into when it comes to working together as a group, and how people can learn and grow from one an other. All the members sing and play a number of instruments, but that was not always the case. The man singing an playing the guitar, never really thought he could do ether. With the encouragement of his band mates now he can do more them he ever thought he could.

Have any of you see Rock Fujiama? It was a is a Japanese music variety television show in Tokyo, lasted about a year. MY GOD was it cool, granted you didn't know what was going on half the time. For the most part you had guitarist BATTLING it out with one another.

Here is part of my favorite episode

Best part is when the guitar is have to name a band, then the guitarist and then play a song by them. I wish it took off because then you would have had some crazy line ups I think, Slash vs Eddie Van Halen vs Jeff Beck.

Lastly Here is a fun video where the guitar becomes something vary interesting.

Get a friend, some sticks, and make a fun song.

Anyway that will do for today. Until tomorrow.
Peace and Love.

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