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The odd, the strange, tha simple!

22 Dec 2010 02:11 | Quote
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Here is part two of my little project (part one - V are all rock stars). Looking back at part one I feel it was lacking in more guitar sensitive material. What better way to then to start out with Jimmy Page!

(been having problems getting video to work, try this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIHabvURnpk if there is now video)

So I was first told about this in high school, in my poetry of rock class (best part of my school years) that Jimmy has been messing with this for sometime and that he wasn't the first. This started a vary interesting quest of knowledge that laded me here.

I thought this kicked ass. It opened up a not idea of closing the gaps between instruments, and maybe opening up new possibility for music.

I was reminded a few days ago, and today, that you don't need that specially made instrument to make some amazing music. The whole idea that its not the tool that makes the music its the person who the real instrument. I found this video from Britain's Got Talent that but the impression in my mind.

I don't much care for the song, and sometimes the sound is kinda [insert adjective]. I idea of just taking a bow to a saw was a mind blowing moment for me for some reason. I think it was the idea of simplicity, much like the legion of Robert Johnson learning to play guitar. I'm not talking the crossroads, I mean the chicken wire and the barn wall. Supposedly when Robert was a shear cropper he had no means of buying a guitar, but the power and soul of music burned within him. He had an idea to use any wire he could find to start learning guitar, that's where the chicken wire comes in. He put the wire on the barn wall and tightened to make a note, he would but up a few and start plunking. If this is true or not is up for question, I like to think that maybe something like this may have happened and it got the gears turning in his head. In history we see that some of the most early instruments in history where the most simple, the bone flute and, the musical bow.

Musical bow was something that changed my world, it changed how I thought of creation and music.

I was infatuated with how the HELL someone came up with it.

Cave men talking to one another.
Mark I have this great idea for a instrument, its going to knock the *&%$ out of that flute that Jim made last week!
Right on, what is it?
It a musical bow!
A bow like the ones we hunt with?
Ya, I put my mouth up to string...
Why did you do that?
I had nothing else to do. Anyway, You put your mouth to it and start banging a stick, or in my case arrow and it makes a sound.
Ya then you move your mouth up and down the string to make a high different sound!

Ok so it didn't go like that but man is it so unlikely? The simplicity of things always gets us in the end, even in the song writing.

Nothing Else Matters - Metallica


And it works!

So that's all I have to talk about today. I really just want to put my ideas out there and see what people thing and what they have to say. If any of you guys try the chicken wire thing, make a video and let up know how it goes.

Peace and Love, Hope your holidays are a blast!

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