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"Electrified" on smithsonian TV

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16 Aug 2010 12:27 | Quote
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caught a neat documentary on the smithsonian channel last night called "electrified: something somethign". there was something after the colon but i don't remember what it was. basically it's a 45 minute long documentary about the invention and adaptation of the electric guitar from its origins as lap steel, acoustic guitar with pickup, to solid body guitar.

it wasn't great, but it was interesting. it was too short, and too biased towards fender and gibson. don't get me wrong, i love my fender guitars, but i would have liked to have seen them talk about the electric guitar into the 00s. they sort of got to the stratocaster and les paul and then stopped in the 1960s. no mention of the SG or other makes of modern guitars.

although they did interview paul reed smith (a lot), they didn't talk about his guitars at all. PRS is a weird dude. he talks kind of funny and uses odd lingo. for instance he refers to a "carved top" instead of an arch top, and a "glued neck" instead of a set neck. i'm not saying he's using the wrong words it's just weird because everywhere else i hear these things referred differently..

anyway just letting you know. it was on twice last night and a few times coming up this week. set your DVR.

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