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turning vox volume pedal into custom wah pedal

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12 Aug 2010 00:14 | Quote
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Hello out there, I got a good one for any technical gurus out there...

I frequent the craigslist music instrument section daily looking at everyones wares...Recently Ive found someone selling what looks to be a decent looking vox V850 Passive Volume Pedal for cheap. Looking at it, I wonder what use I would have with a volume pedal, so instead I would love to maybe use its shell and make myself a custom wah pedal. If anyone out there has any thoughts, comments, concerns, and/or opinions on other possible ideas are very much appreciated.
12 Aug 2010 10:22 | Quote
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why not buy a failed way circuit and change it? youd basically need everything other then the frame... wah pots cicuit board... everything..

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