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putting music to lyrics..how do you??

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16 Mar 2007 00:10 | Quote
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i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on the most effective approaches of writing music around lyrics that you've written?any suggestions that have worked well for someone else would be a great help
16 Mar 2007 08:55 | Quote
United States
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i would right music then lyrics that is how i do it, usually if i do it to something catchy i will come up with lyrics as i am writing my music
22 Mar 2007 16:24 | Quote
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its better to do the music first, cause thats the base to the feeling the song will have, and based on the feeling the instrumental part of the song you make the lyrics.
thats my theory about it. anyway, its much harder to find a song that fits the lyrics
i hope it helps
3 May 2007 13:21 | Quote
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my wife writes poetry and i tried to put a song to her prose. It is very difficult for me to do. I ended up just taking key phrases and not getting locked into the lyrics because it sounded forced. I know it can and has been done just think it takes more talent than i have
11 Feb 2008 16:09 | Quote
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hey if anyone will write music to some of my lyrics i will be very happy. soo send me a messige if you will.
11 Feb 2008 17:08 | Quote
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You need to get the beats going around in your head man. Like when you have something, play with it. Hum out some tunes, if you have any lyrics in the "waiting pile" then try to sculpt them together into a good sounding tune that matches the sound you are aiming for.

Good luck !

PS, Nice guitar in yer pic.

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