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what to do?

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8 Mar 2007 20:58 | Quote
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so. its been a while since i hit this forum. ive gotten better at playing and recently took up classical guitar. i would love help on these things:

1: i need to work on my strength in playing, such as keeping the buzz out of a chord( i use medium bronze strings on my acoustic )any help? i just dont know how to get my left hand stronger.

2: are there any modern theory methods floating around? i need to study more in modal theory and i have yet to find a substantial book or website that explains it step by step. i dont want to have ANY holes in my technique. any suggestions?

and what are the best classical guitars? im not familiar with any brands.
13 Mar 2007 19:40 | Quote
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15 Mar 2007 00:56 | Quote
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just keep at it.

to practice keeping the notes ringing id suggest looking at maybe jose gonzalez or something, his cover of heartbeats, and crosses, are very good songs in drop D, and all of his music sounds very nice and if you listen i think all of it is just him and a nylon string guitar.
in heartbeats, he uses an almost constant bass run of D let me see if i can tab a little bit of an exercise for you....

I------------------------- I-------------------------play this last
I------------------------- I-------------------------measure twice.
I--------0----0------0---- I--------------------------------------
I----4h5--4h5--4---4------X2 I----4---4-------0---0-------0---0-----
I----------------5-------- I---5---5---5---7---7---7---9---9---9--
I--0---------------------- I--5---5---5---7---7---7---9---9---9---

and play that over again, if it posted properly, trying to get it smoother than a gravy sandwich.
15 Mar 2007 01:00 | Quote
New Zealand
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w00t it posted properly!!!

hope it helps.
15 Mar 2007 01:02 | Quote
New Zealand
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i forgot to say as well, that its supposed to be played in drop d which is from top to bottom DADGBE, all that really needs to be done is tune the top string down a whole step, or tone, depending on where you're from.
you probobly already know that, but im just making sure.
15 Mar 2007 07:52 | Quote
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practice your barre chords w/ it, if that doesnt help take it to a guitar shop and see if they can lower the action a little, i did that it helped and saved my hand some unneeded stress
15 May 2007 09:43 | Quote
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Defiantly check the action, also i had a guitar that was never properly set up and was impossible to play until I had the neck straightened. Lighter strings can help as well.

Lots of different brands make classical guitars I played a Taylor classical acoustic electric that was beautiful until i saw the price tag over 2000 dollars. If you post a price range I don't mind doing a little research for you.
15 May 2007 15:02 | Quote
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Concerning your question about modes - get 'Modes - No More Mystery' by Frank Gambale. Can't recommend it thoroughly enough. And to help you with finger strength/dexterity it's not primarily an acoustic book, but 'Chopbuilder', also by Gambale, is an absolute godsend. Both are available from amazon.com.

For anyone else reading this - check out this vid of the man on youtube:


Hope this helps buddy,
17 May 2007 00:54 | Quote
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Yep check the action. If you're playing on a Squier or some comparbale piece of crap you're gonna get ringing just because it was a half-ass guitar job. When I switched form a Squier to an all-American Stratocaster it was like night and day.

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