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25 Feb 2007 14:04 | Quote
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Whats the way to kno each and every chord in a certain key (or at least most of them) besides the obvious 1-major 2-major 3-minor 4-major 5-major 6-minor 7-diminished??...........thanx
25 Feb 2007 14:13 | Quote
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Well to start off with, I presume you were trying to recall the chords in a major key there, in which case the order is
1 - major (primary chord)
2 - minor
3 - minor
4 - major (primary chord)
5 - major (primary chord)
6 - minor
7 - diminished

But to answer your question, I don't know of any shortcuts other than just sitting down and learning them bit by bit. I am actually trying to do exactly the same thing at the moment and that seems the most reliable way of doing it. But anyone else reading this who knows of a better way, please do share!

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