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What is this scale?

Music Theory
2 Jun 2010 21:11 | Quote
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What scale would 1 2 b3 #4 5 b6 b7 be?

Like a cross between Aeolian and Lydian modes

I put A B C D# E F G into the reverse scale finder and it gives me E Neopolitan so perhaps just the 4th mode of that...don't know what that would be or anything about that sort of thing really
3 Jun 2010 02:01 | Quote
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It's exactly that dude. I'd look at it as C Ionian with a sharp 2nd. You could also call it A Aeolian with a flatted 5th, in which case you can play it over m7b5 chords. If you add a G# you got A Hungarian Minor, which is my favorite scale. All depends how you want to look at man.

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