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need help with chords

27 Apr 2010 20:33 | Quote
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so i've been writing music for a little bit now, but i've been more or less just playing the same chords/chord progression as other songs. now that i am starting to seriously write my own music the circle of 5ths is screwing me. I play chords together by how that sound, and when i try to see what key they are in the circle of 5th wont take my chord combo.

currently i'm working on a song with the chord progression of :

B7 - A7 - E7 x2

G7 - A7 - E7

i would like to use other chords but according to the circle of 5ths the "G7" chord doesnt fit and i cant seem to move on. if someone could lend some useful help it would be greatly appreciated and I thank you in advance
28 Apr 2010 05:14 | Quote
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Well, if you are just going to use the tools provided on this site for progressions, it might be a good idea to use the Chord Progressions Tool.

If you are just looking for chords, try something in a Cmaj7 progression because that is where the G7 belongs. Your A7 and B7 belong to Dmaj7 and Emaj7 respectively.

Try playing some chords outside the box though, I don't have my guitar with me and I just woke up, so I can't think of anything off the top of my head, but don't just rely on theory to write your music.

Rock on!
28 Apr 2010 08:52 | Quote
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music theory is just a "base line". It is just a starting point.

What you have is enough for a song. I can play the chords and it sounds fine. Look at it this way. A song is about 3 minutes. Which is (give or take some seconds)

10 Intro
20 Verse
20 Chorus
20 Verse
40 Chorus
20 Solo
20 Chorus
20 Outro

You have everthing you need. Just a solo/bridge, which is a reset point. Ie, its a point in the song that is different, but resets the excitment that the hook created. Then ya, on your chorus//outro.

I would play a C major for the solo. But, there are many ways you can turn what you have into a musical piece.

Thats just my view. As people here know, you can disagree with me. Hey, what do I know.
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i dont like the whole verse chorus setup, it is what is widely used, however i have heard plenty of magnificent songs that do not follow that format
29 Apr 2010 18:00 | Quote
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thanks everyone for the input, it been great reference. like i said before i usually play by ear but i wanted to learn some sort of theory. thanks again everone
29 Apr 2010 23:59 | Quote
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Buddy, its just blues.

I've heard blues described as music where any kind of chord can be used with a root note in key in order to create a certain sound.

Dominant chords sound pretty bluesy.

Obviously i don't know if the way you play the chords sounds at all bluesish, but thats where the the idea comes from (i think)

edit: blues also likes to switch between major and minor 3rds and 6ths. So the G works in there as the flat third of the E. (I'm sort of assuming you're working out of an E. It just looked that way to me)

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