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26 Jan 2010 16:28 | Quote
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So I bought a Korg Pitchblack tuner in like december. anyways after a while i developed a warble between the g and b strings. So no biggy, i knew instantly it needed to be reintonated. so got that done. No problem, take it home from the shop, plug er in, tune it up again. the ***ing warble is back. So back to the shop i go, tore into the guitar tech. he checks the intonation again, its all fine. i checked it myself using his gear. he wasnt *ting me, so whatever back home i go. same problem. now i have no sweet clue what else i can do. it must be the tuner pedal, cause ive ran my acoustic through the amp and its fine. mind you i use the tuner thats built into the acoustic. so what should i do to fix this?
26 Jan 2010 16:57 | Quote
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Buy a new tuner,the new TC Electronics polytune will solve all your problems

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