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No theory? Not a problem....til now

18 Oct 2009 00:22 | Quote
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Ok, for my own music, I don't put any thought into theory or anything of the sort. However, I was made the new lead player for a church's sectional choir thing, their latin music ministry and their normal music ministry.

Only problem is that I'm having some issues with the style. So, I figure it'd help to learn some of their scales. Any common scales you would suggest?
18 Oct 2009 05:48 | Quote
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I would suggest Phrygian dominant scale. Im not sure if its also called spanish gypsy scale that can be found on guitar scale section on this site.

Its half augmented half whole half whole whole.

Its quite fun scale to play and it is useful for other music styles as well, but really shines in latin music.


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