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Rack Mount VS Pedals

Instruments and Gear
15 Oct 2009 15:43 | Quote
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I like most of us have a full pedalboard. Today I saw some rack mount effects on Craigslist and was wondering if anyone has an experience with them.

Are there any major benefits?

15 Oct 2009 16:37 | Quote
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this i dont know and am very curious to find the answer. i see a lot of artists with bboth. but the ones with the best tone have very little mount of pedals no rack effects and vintage marshalls.
16 Oct 2009 07:53 | Quote
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The rackmounts are going to cost you to get one thats good. Some people don't like line 6 amp models, but their effects are really good. They have some really good delays, mods and reverbs.

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