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11 Aug 2009 10:57 | Quote
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I don't understand what the Transposer for this site is used for, can someone help me out and explain what to do with it.

And yes, I know im dumb there is no need to say it, unless you are really inclined to.
11 Aug 2009 11:18 | Quote
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yeah, here's what you do. you put in the chords of a song in the lower area. Let's say it's in the key of G but you would like to transpose it to another key. you simply choose how many steps up or down you would like to change it then hit the transpose button and bing bang boom it spits out the "new" "transposed" chords. Cool eh?
11 Aug 2009 12:27 | Quote
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Duuuude, thats pretty darn sick

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