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Must read ((kcaj))

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Ok,I have been playing guitar now for about 3 years, I have worked and got some respectable gear. I devote hours to my music and a lot of people tell me I sound really good, and that's not just mom:) I get paying gigs and I have played to many people. The only problem is I have learned all this through tabs and listening to music. So you can see how I rely on other music when playing instead of improvising on my own. What I have learned about solos is that first you pick a scale, move the scale to the key the song is in, and then you play lead in the patterns of the boxes starting on the root note and ending on the root note. Please correct me if this is wrong. I still fell like I'm missing a lot of important concepts. It would be great if someone would post a video just to explain soloing further. Showing what you do when you solo. If you read this hole thing thanks.
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check out this non-commercial site. dedicated to blues mainly, but it will help you as it did to me.

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