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13 Nov 2006 06:49 | Quote
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ei....ummm...i\'m pretty much new to guitar and i really want to know how to make a solo an the lead guitar....it really bugs me that i have compositions that i don\'t know how to make a solo....
13 Nov 2006 15:45 | Quote
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so you want to make a lead over some things you made?
well you have to know what sounds good over the piece , so determine the key , chords used etc.. it would take too long to explain it all , it takes some study to learn all those things and it takes even more time to learn to apply them . anyways good luck , do some resource on the internet and try to find some topics in here , there are lots of topics here like determining the key and sort-likes.

good luck
14 Nov 2006 13:53 | Quote
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Yeah, definitely agree with mightydave, there is a LOT to learn. But worry not, everyone who is a member on here loves to talk about all things guitars, so don't be afraid to ask. A few others reading this might disagree with me, but for many songs you can often play the minor (or sometimes major) pentatonic scale over them. As dave said you need to first work out the key that you're playing in, but once you've established that, you can just get the minor pentatonic scale for that key off the 'guitar scales' part of this site. That's probably quite a good start. Good luck!

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