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Amp Craze

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11 Apr 2009 02:31 | Quote
Joined: 19 Jul 2008
Hey guys...

Im looking for a new amp and there's i few questions i wanted to ask yous. Im just starting to gig around like small halls and some outside venues, so how many watt amp would be good?
As well as that, i'm saving my money now so if i could get an amp fr a good price it'd be kool:D
Also, ive got a Boss ME-50 so i don't really need an amp with built in effects and such as i can do it thru the pedal, so taking into account all these factors what amp do you think would work for me?
11 Apr 2009 04:07 | Quote
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I recently ordered this amp, I think I get it in next week. This is imo very good for its price. It was 219 euros in thomann.

check it out. Its 100 watt so it have enough power for small gigs. Ofcourse you need an cabinet then also, but I still suggest you to get amp head and cabinet instead of combo.

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