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help me please

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3 Nov 2006 21:53 | Quote
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i've been playing guitar for sometime now and i still dont know about that drop tuning...please help me....
4 Nov 2006 05:16 | Quote
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A 'drop' tuning is when you tune down any string on your guitar. Although there are plenty of drop tunings out there, by far the most common is the drop D tuning, where you tune your low E string down two semitones to D. Plenty of classical guitar pieces are written for Drop D tunings. Also, this allows you to play power chords with only one finger (An F5 chord can be played as 333xxx), and many modern musicians have been using them for a while now. You can find more info in this links:
25 Jan 2007 06:48 | Quote
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thanx a lot
25 Jan 2007 11:28 | Quote
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yeah, there is drop D, but you can drop all the strings by a semi tone to be in Eb tuning. This is the same as standard tuning, but slightly lower. This is quite commonly done. there's also D tuning D G C F A D and C# tuning C# F# B E G# C# and so on. You can also drop the lowest string a tone further to be able to play the one fingered power chords. If you like low tunings, then its probably worth while getting a heavier set of strings for you guitar, to compensate for the lower tension. hope this helps.

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