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Mic/Guitar/ into amp ?

26 Mar 2009 14:59 | Quote
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do they have something to plugging in a mic and guitar into a amp? jack
26 Mar 2009 15:34 | Quote
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ya theres a thing in the amp called "cd input"(well at least thats what its called in my amp) u get a jack for it and u plug in the mic,but i forgot the jack details size and stuff..
27 Mar 2009 16:41 | Quote
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United States
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if you have a p.a. mic with the three prongs, they sell converter cables to fit into the guitar input. but i wouldn't try to plug in a guitar at the same time, especially in a guitar amp, its very easy for a mic to pick up feedback. so to cope with that you have to adjust the treble, middle and bass so it doesn't do that and you have to try to make it sound good. and you might not like what your new settings make your guitar sound like.
27 Mar 2009 18:21 | Quote
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hmm i wouldnt suggest plugging anything into a guitar amp it wasnt designed to take. thats generally why i use a keyboard amp for practice. it was designed to take many different sounds (hence keyboard) and so i can take my guitar through it, along with a mic or a keyboard with it (two seperate inputs you see).

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