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What strat?

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1 Nov 2006 13:46 | Quote
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I'm new here, and I just had a quick question. I want to buy a Statocaster to play blues. The sound I'm going for is a very SRV sound, but I can't make up my mind. I don't have enough money to buy the SRV tribute guitar, but I narrowed it down to three models: The Robert Cray, The Jimmie Vaughan and the Deluxe Strat HSS (It has one of 'em Tex-Mex pickups that I like so much). Which one do you recomend? Also, I looked into the Koa strat, but I don't know much about Seymour Duncan pickus... Any tips would be fantastic.
1 Nov 2006 14:07 | Quote
United States
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Any of those will work fine.....if you want the SRV sound you need to pick out the right amp.
1 Nov 2006 16:49 | Quote
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I have a Marshall MG 50 DFX. What do you recommend?
4 Nov 2006 11:10 | Quote
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If it's a solid state Marshall, it may be worth getting some sort of tube-simulator pedal, if you want a good SRV blues type sound, as I doubt if that Marshall will give you want you want on its own. The Ibanez tube screamer TS9 pedal would be good, or anything similar, as they are built to give that simultaneous dirty/clean tone that comes from overdriven amps. What does everyone else think?
20 Dec 2006 13:55 | Quote
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sell the MG. buy a fender amp. i believe he used a twin reverb or something like that.
21 Dec 2006 08:38 | Quote
United Kingdom
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the robert cray model has a fixed bridge i think, so you cant fit a trem bar, which is always fun for playing with, thats the only down point i can think of, but its what ever suits your style
28 Dec 2006 09:05 | Quote
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id say get the SRV signature model strat, ive seen one go for as low as 100 on ebay. you'd also need to get a tube amp, vox, fender or marshall should be your best bet.

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