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Notes on the fretboard

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29 Oct 2006 12:49 | Quote
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Ok, I've been playing for about 2 1/2 years now, and I've just decided that it's about time to learn all the notes on the fretboard (only just- bad isn't it?) Anyways, I need some ideas for how to learn them. I've already tried making a diagram of the fretboard and just trying to memorise it, but that doesn't work. I've also tried doing some simple pentatonic runs on a specific root note, so that in the future when I come back to it I will remember what note it is, but that doesn't work either. I understand that, like learning anything on the guitar, it won't happen overnight, but any help would be muchly appreciated. Sorry for rambling on too. Cheers, the fro
29 Oct 2006 14:45 | Quote
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i just do it this way , everyday i choose a random note like F# and then i try to play it from string to string everywhere on the fretboard a few times
you can also do two , three or more a day. and after a while you will know all the notes.

you could also download the program fretboard warrior , it's all about learning the notes on the fretboard. and you make it a bit more fun that way.

you can also just learn the notes string by string note for note but that can be quite frustrating

hope this helps
1 Nov 2006 02:13 | Quote
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I had a look at this site http://www.musictheory.net , and there was a perhaps usefull device for you, Afro, its under "trainers" and then choose the "guitar trainer", you can also increase the amount of frets,

Still however, I think it's more important to know the notes relationship to the surrounding notes, then their names

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