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25 Oct 2006 13:11 | Quote
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What do people think about alternate tuning?
26 Oct 2006 08:24 | Quote
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It can give some really nice effects, but it's also like playing a whole different instrument (different chords etc.)
29 Oct 2006 12:42 | Quote
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United Kingdom
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Yeah, definitely worth trying every once in a while, but I know it can be quite tedious and annoying trying to find chords/solos without any dissonant notes. Jimmy Page seemed to cope pretty well with some wacky tunings.
30 Oct 2006 13:10 | Quote
United States
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Drop D for power chords makes since, if you use powerchords, I don't. Open G is about the only other tunings I go with and this only when I want to mess around with a glass slide. Like has been said it's a lot of trouble unless you really have a reason.
30 Oct 2006 17:55 | Quote
United Kingdom
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you can get some different natural harmonics, that would otherwise be very hard/impossible to get in standard. might be a cool idea to use for backing or rythm guitars?

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