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18 Oct 2006 09:50 | Quote
United States
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October 17th, 2006 Charlotte,NC clapton along with derek trucks, doyal marshall (i think), and robert cray tore up the stage....this was the most amazing concert i have ever seen. post a comment...lemme know what you think about it, also if you get a chance read review
19 Oct 2006 07:55 | Quote
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I went to see him at Madison Square Garden and it was a great show. Derek Trucks stole the show and is truly one of the great guitarist out there now.
27 Oct 2006 11:37 | Quote
United Kingdom
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yea, i saw them when they toured the uk in may, and it was amazing, with robert cray coming on stage with eric and derek for an oncore, it was a real good show.
4 Nov 2006 15:37 | Quote
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United Kingdom
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Yep, I saw him in May too, but I had no idea that Robert Cray was supporting, and he's one of my fave players so it was cool to see him. Clapton was great, but I couldn't help thinking that he is starting to lose that 'wow factor' now. My mum came too and she saw him on tour 10 years ago, and said he was fantastic. Obviously it's only natural, as he is now in his mid-60s, but I have to say that I thought his audience interaction was quite lacking. Overall though I found it truly inspiring.
4 Dec 2006 16:16 | Quote
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I have only really got into Eric clapton, and now totally adore him!

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