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finger pickin good

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27 Sep 2006 12:21 | Quote
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hey guys, been awhile.. ive been busy at school and such (music major)

but ive recently wanted to pick up finger picking since my right hand is getting a bit more dexterity (ive got a piano class in college)..

anyone know any good pickin songs? once again, i like more of the 60s stuff.. i know dylan would be good and theres probably some beatles tunes..

but ill take any suggestions.

also.. does anyone know where i can learn the clawhammer technique?
ive heard its the best way to pick, but i cant find any thing on it.
27 Sep 2006 16:18 | Quote
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i learnt some iron and wine when i first learnt to finger pick, Stairway to heaven! yeah!
1 Oct 2006 07:12 | Quote
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A nice fingerpicking pattern is:

-------------3---3-------- ETC:

I use it in a lot.
1 Oct 2006 07:20 | Quote
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Once more, only a C major, all are 1/8 notes:

23 May 2007 09:45 | Quote
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Simon and Garfunkle have alot of finger picking songs. Bridge over troubled water and sound of silence. House of the rising sun by the animals.
23 May 2007 18:05 | Quote
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have you heard paco de lucia? he is one of the best fingerpickers ive heard... some parts of some songs of him are easy, and its always fingerpicking.
and i recomend to play with arpegios in minor scales, such es these


and then change the order in which you hit strings... this is a lick of my own..( i thnk im the first guy playing it )..

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