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23 Sep 2006 18:42 | Quote
United States
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I dunno it was weird. I've been trying to get to this site the past few days and it gave me the Forbidden thing like the webmaster banned me. What the heck was going on? I was like "NOOOOO!!!" I love this site. Is there any reason why this would happen so that I do not do it again.
23 Sep 2006 19:13 | Quote
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i saw it too 403 forbidden bla bla donno why it was for either
24 Sep 2006 08:29 | Quote
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Yeah, me too, I thought my brother had put this in the "restricted site" map, but now it's working again, Well, I'm kinda drunk now so I do'nt have anything intelligible to say, greetings from Holland!
25 Sep 2006 01:40 | Quote
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I'm sorry but one of hosting admin had to lock the website folder to keep server stable, because All-Guitar-Chords was overused servers resource limits. ...and we are moving to a new server now.
25 Sep 2006 06:03 | Quote
United States
Posts: 37
Oh thanks! Cool. I just e-mailed the webmaster or whatever because it happened again, I appologize! OPETH FUCKING KILLS! :)

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