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extra notes in scales or just a wierd scale

Music Theory
2 Nov 2008 09:38 | Quote
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right now in Led zeppelin-black dog and cream-sunshine of your love theres a bit in the song were it goes (and you will all know this but i just need to make it clear)



now is the note a(n)
extra (in both cases the 6 on the tab) an extra note and if so how do you do that with out it makin the guitar play out of key to the other instruments
a lesser known scale and if so what scale is this???
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Well, I think "Sunshine" fits into the E Pentatonic Blues scale/pattern, which you can look up on this site in the Scales section. I don't think it belongs to any major scale really, because of the Bb (the 6th note of the E string). It's just a chromatic note thrown in for more variety.
2 Nov 2008 11:40 | Quote
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Check out the blue's scale? I think it will answer your questions. Isn't it a minor pentatonic with a sharp 3rd. often it's bent up a whole step but can also just be added and played chromatically.

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