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Early music for a new song

12 Oct 2008 07:12 | Quote
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Thanks to the man above for being my inspiration (and for bringing me from my past).


Crouched down by a window.
Thought I caught a glimpse.
Of a life filled with anger, and heart ache ever since.
I fell beyond my ego, and my worthless choking pride.
I shoved you away from my heart, still you stood by my side.

Though I cast you away, you saved me by your grace.
And all I can do to thank you is sing your highest praise.
I can't explain the love you always show. Now I'm seeing it clearly, crouched down by a window.

All I got for the lyrics right now.
12 Oct 2008 16:54 | Quote
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Wow, that was great! I have no negitives against it so far. Look foward to hearing the finshed thing! Keep us updated.

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