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hambuckers and single coils..

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5 Aug 2006 14:15 | Quote
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umm.. wuts the difference between those two pick-ups?
8 Aug 2006 15:34 | Quote
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Ok, first thing, it's 'hum' not 'ham'. Basically, pickups contain magnets with a length of wire coiled individually round each one. When you plug your guitar into the amp, a voltage is sent through the wire coils, which allows them to 'pickup' the vibrations of the string above. Humbuckers contain two rows of magnets + coils, which results in a much fuller sound coming through the amp, and also a greater volume. Single coils only have one row of magnets so do not give as much of a thick sound,but are very useful for cutting through the overall sound mix in a band environment. A typical guitar containing single coils is the fender stratocaster (eric clapton, mark knopfler, yngwie malmsteen) and a guitar containing humbuckers is the les paul (slash,jimmy page,joe perry) Hope this helps!

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