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Wot does mean Hammer?

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26 Jul 2006 10:49 | Quote
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I have not been playin for a long time and i not know all the techial words so wot the hell is hammering ??????? can anyone help me!
26 Jul 2006 12:10 | Quote
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Hammering is when you play a note, then when you change notes you quickly "hammer" your finger down on to the new note (which must be higher) without plucking the sting. By quickly placing you finger the string will continue to vibrate from the original note. Hammer ons are always a higher note on the same string. I hope this helped.
27 Jul 2006 14:41 | Quote
United Kingdom
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thanks but could u give an example plaese that would be !GREAT!
9 Aug 2006 09:15 | Quote
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For example, say you played a G note (top string, third fret.) You pick the string with your first finger pressed on the G, then without picking the string again you use your third finger to press the A note 2 frets above, whilst still keeping your first finger on the G. Hammering is generally used in guitar solos because it allows you to play lots of notes quickly and smoothly without having to keep plucking the string. Hope this helps!

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