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21 Jun 2006 17:00 | Quote
Posts: 9
how do you determine what chords to use with a certain scale? for example the E blues scale.
4 Jul 2006 04:17 | Quote
Posts: 10
i found a website on the internet that teaches you guitar hope this helps you if it does let me know
7 Jul 2006 12:01 | Quote
Posts: 15
Hi boldaslove,

I have had similar questions over the years (25+) and found out early on that "taking the easy way is not always the best way". In other words, like anyone else "I WANT IT ALL AND I WANT IT NOW!" =0) But, with some guidance, study, and time you can "get it"...

Okay, lets get started!

Since you used "the E blues scale" as an example, lets talk about it...

Chords are derived from scales. So lets take a look at the notes of the E blues scale:


Having had similar questions myself, I learned everything I could about chord theory. Using the notes of the E blues scale, from experience with chords, I can see all of the notes that make an Em chord (E-G-B), so that chord would be a definite must have. I also see an Em7 (just the notes of an Em + a D note). I also see a few "power chords" in the scale also, an E5 chord (E-B), an A5(A-E), also G5 (G-D). I can also see a G major (G-B-D) & minor (G-Bb-D)...

I hope this is not too confusing. Maybe just this little bit of nfo can get you started seeing the possibilities of chords & scales.

Good luck!

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