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23 Aug 2008 16:04 | Quote
Joined: 11 Jul 2008
how often realistically should you rplace guitar strings, Ive seen it mentioned on here that you should replace them every 2 weeks which seems redicously often to me, but maybe there right, so how long should you keep one set of strings on the guitar?
23 Aug 2008 16:06 | Quote
Joined: 16 Aug 2008
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keep them on until they become detrimental. if they sound fine, and play fine, there's no reason to change them. i use elixir, and they last for at least 2.5 months a set.
23 Aug 2008 16:48 | Quote
Joined: 03 Mar 2008
United States
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when they wont stay in tune and/or sound crummy,change them. lately
i've been getting about 3-4 weeks depending on how much i play.

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