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Can someone tell me what scale this is?

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17 Aug 2008 09:52 | Quote
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I really like the sound of the lead guitar in this and i dont know if i personally really like the sound of the scale, the tone of the guitar, or its simply a really got nice piece of lead work by gallagher.

The song is Married With Children- Oasis


Can someone tell me what scale the lead guitar is playing in?
17 Aug 2008 15:07 | Quote
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Doesn't really look like they're strictly adhering to any particular scale. Almost all of the chords they use are major, and none of the notes fit into a scale, and without hearing the song, I can't really tell if they're modulating.

From looking at the chords and the progression, it seems like they cadence on A, A7, and A11 pretty frequently, so my best guess would be A Major or A Mixolydian.

Hope that helps!
21 Aug 2008 11:07 | Quote
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i bet skold would know :-P

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