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6 Jun 2006 14:20 | Quote
United States
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what is the best way to improve my blues, solos, chords, and all around feel. i know i need to practice, i would like to know what kind of chords and scales sound bluesy, who should i listen to and what else should i do to improve.
7 Jun 2006 08:03 | Quote
United States
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7th chords are used alot. Also the blues scale is the most bluesy. Because most blues sounds the same, being able to take the same blues notes and adding your own feeling to them is the only way to make blues sound great.
12 Jul 2006 01:36 | Quote
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Pentatonics work as well, and you should learn your 12 bar blues progressions those are fundementaly the most popular bluesy chord pregressions ever
12 Jul 2006 21:34 | Quote
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United States
I agree with both post.

You may want to try adding some other flavor to your chord selection.

Tradional Blues in Key of A

A7 D7 A7 A7
D7 D7 A7 A7
E7 D7 A7 A7

now for the flavor

Chord Subs

Last Chord replace A7 with E7#9
D7 replace with D9
E7 replace with E9

Consider using Tritone Subs


A7 (Tritone Sub for A7)
B 5 5
G 6 6
D 5 5
A X 6
E 5 X

These few tricks in chord selection will give you a new twist to the traditional every day blues sound
29 Jun 2007 06:39 | Quote
Posts: 137
When practicing soloing it is very important you listen to a lot of music to get inlued and recieve a little bit here and a little bit there to make you own way of playing.
It is also very important you dont try to play exactly the same as another player or to speed you playing up before you really have the feeling in your playing. It's useless being able to play very fast without feeling but great if you have feeling but just have to improve your fingers streight and stamina.

Good luck and practice a lot; play with music on the sterio. If you havenīt got one already, get yourself a band(!!!) there is no better way of developing than playing in band.
29 Jun 2007 06:42 | Quote
Posts: 137
Myself play in a whole lot of different bands, jazz/funk/blues, rock etc. even though my roots lie within the blues its a great way of developing to play a lot. In every band you play you gain experience and you take a little bit of this and a little bit of that to make you soloing vary and be exciting to listen to.

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