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Ronnie Earl

Blues / Jazz


Several days past Christmas of 2004 feeling down because of my luck, a very good friend lent me his 30-year-old nylon acoustic guitar to try to learn how to play. That eve I practiced until I could play “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. A few weeks later I purchased a book by Peter Vogal on learning to play the Blues. Nearly every day since that evening, I practiced and played guitar 3 to 4 hours a night. When I was not practicing my guitar, I was studying music theory or writing music.

For my 38th birthday still down on my luck, my lovely wife spent our last nickel to buy me my own guitar. About a year later, she realized that this guitar thing was more than a hobby. It had become a lifetime passion. For my 2005 Christmas gift, she gave me the gift of knowledge. She allowed my to purchase a year package from Axis Music Academy. In those intense 48 lessons; I expanded my music theory, improved my techniques, wrote new material, and refined my music passion. Many times I was pushing my instructor for more. Many times I was bringing in unique chord progressions and chord voicings.

When people listen to my music, they say they can feel my emotion and that I know how to make my guitar cry. My music exposes my soul and it’s a mixture of blues technique and jazz theory. It is my hope that you too will be able to sit back and enjoy my music while I expose my soul for you.

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