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to play like proffessionalist

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3 Jun 2006 03:51 | Quote
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Hi people!
I am beginer guitarist and i play from 3-4 years ago, on clasic guitar.I realy love this and I want to learn to play like proffessionalist...;P Plase halp mee :P
-what i must know abot my 3 years playing?
-how can trannig mi technic and so on ...

help :}
Excuse me if i make mistakes somewhere in my words.i am from Bulgaria and...
11 Aug 2006 16:33 | Quote
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Hello! One thing you could do is identify what sort of music you like listening to (especially guitar-based music) and then start to expand on that by finding lots of artists and composers in that genre. It's also probably a good idea to listen to some of the all-time greats on guitar (which is very negotiable) but try some Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, The Shadows, Pink Floyd, Joe Satriani and of course lots of classical music. Hope this is helpful!!!
13 Aug 2006 01:41 | Quote
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