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EMG 85's

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20 Jul 2008 12:35 | Quote
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i just got done rebuilding an old kramer iwas woundering if i should put a switch on the 9v or will it stop draining when the guitar is unplugged
20 Jul 2008 13:58 | Quote
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normaly the input of the 1/4 inch jack is stereo. With the plug in the jack it creates an open path to the battery when the plug is not plugged in it closes the circuit. That is how the this switch is supposed to work.

I have an active electronic Dean bass that has 3 black wires coming in to the switch, and never got it setup right so i take the battery out each time. (thanks dean and your genius engineers!)

20 Jul 2008 14:30 | Quote
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hey thanks for the insight

i was given a couple beaters the kramer an old ibanez with a split neck and every time someone touched it they got hit
i striped it down and noticed it was wired all fucked up the 9v hot wire was hooked to the out put jack
i looked up a shit load of differnt wire diagrams
EMG for the 85's layout and aton of custom
ive nexer done any thing like build a guitar before had no clue what i was doing got done about two this morning pluged it in around ten this morning got some bad pots [change them later] otjer than that it cranks
anyways EMG says the battery should last 3000 hours play time i dont thinck i can bring my self to belive that queas ill find out

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