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Noob here

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13 May 2006 22:27 | Quote
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Well I just got my guitar about a 2 weeks ago and have learned half sunshine of your love by cream and the intro to a few other songs mostly classic rock and was wondering if someone could recommend a song with easy chord progession that I could practice with

thanks alot and if you can think of something from the 60s-70s that would be awesome because I like playing the stuff that I listen to
14 May 2006 08:52 | Quote
United States
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Wild Thing is a fun easy song to practice with.

Dust in the Wind is good for practicing finger picking.

If you have a capo, Here Comes the Sun is as fun song that is not just chords but not too difficult.
11 Aug 2006 16:37 | Quote
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You Really Got Me by The Kinks is a must. Also Come Together by The Beatles is a really versatile song that can be played in millions of different styles. Also stuff by The Shadows might be good.
22 Aug 2006 01:57 | Quote
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"Always steel my kissis from you" is an easy song. YOu play G then C D and back to G agaoin. If you can get the song then learn the strum by ear
25 Aug 2006 07:30 | Quote
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wild thing

verse: aa dd ee aa dd ee...
chorus: gaga....

listen to the song easy
25 Aug 2006 07:32 | Quote
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sorry wrong
aa dd ee dd aa dd ee dd aa dd eeee

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