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8 May 2006 22:28 | Quote
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i dont understand how to use scales with chord progressions and make it sound good
8 May 2006 22:41 | Quote
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also should i learn all my scales first before i start trying to solo and if so where should i start
9 May 2006 12:28 | Quote
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C Major
10 May 2006 22:08 | Quote
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another nice version of the C major scale could be the C major pentatonic scale.

It might be a little easier to play in a jam if you have another guitarist playing some simple Chords in the Key of C major

Try C dm em F G am bdim

you might subsitute Cadd9 for C to add a little color and texture to the chord tone
11 May 2006 21:39 | Quote
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What I like to do is listen to music, and play the notes that they play, then figure out what key its in. If you know the basic pentatonic, you can basically play in any key. Note that the first chord used in a song is USUALLY the key that the song is in. For example Cocaine by Eric Clapton Starts on an E, back to a D, then back to an E, the song is in E.

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