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speed help

2 Jul 2008 16:01 | Quote
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aright i have a slight problem and i need you guys input.
when i play realy fast on two strings i often accidentaly pull off a string. so when i play a solo there are open notes ringing out in the middle and it makes it sound like crap. what should i do. learn to palm mute everytime i pick so the notes dont ring out( something ive already started working on) or should i just slow down for now and let my fingers mute the notes as they move?
2 Jul 2008 17:05 | Quote
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Number two, for now.
Try resting your strumming hand on the bridge of the guitar (while still playing) so that if you fuck up you can just mute the note quicker.
For left hand.. well, everyone says it, but it's true.... play slowly at first. Then speed up
2 Jul 2008 19:27 | Quote
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yeah just take it slow, and gradually get faster and more comfortable.
2 Jul 2008 22:00 | Quote
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I do both. I mute with my palm and with my left hand as I play. When I bend a note I tend to use my palm. I have also got into the habit of muting the all of the strings above what I am playing all of the time, It's kind of hard to explain but it works for me.

When you lift your fingers off of the string try not to flick it, just lift strait off and even pause just long enough to mute the last note.

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