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dumb beginner question

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18 Apr 2006 01:44 | Quote
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When playing an A chord at the 2nd fret, is it a bad habit to use only the first finger for all 3 strings? Or does everybody get away with this. Great site by the way. Admin is fast to respod as well. Thanks
18 Apr 2006 11:04 | Quote
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learning to use all three fingers helps a lot when your trying to switch between A, Asus Am and all the rest of the variation branching from the A position...so i would learn to use 3 fingers to start off from, and just use the one when you need to snap down a quick A...its allways good to have a few finger positions to chose between so that you can have easier ways to switch between chords depending on which chord may coem next...
22 Apr 2006 11:08 | Quote
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i agree, although i only use my first finger lol
23 Apr 2006 12:11 | Quote
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If you do only use your first finger, try adding you picky on the first string, fifth fret.
6 Jun 2006 14:23 | Quote
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using only your first finger has some benefits because it allows your other fingers to be free which enables you to use differnt variations
7 Jul 2006 16:04 | Quote
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you know, i use my first two fingers. I've tried to use three but found that there wasn't room in the 'space provided' for them all...
15 Jul 2006 16:09 | Quote
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There really isn't a right or wrong way to hold any chord. It really just depends on what your playing and wether it will be more efficient if you played three fingers for it or just bareing.
8 Dec 2006 13:28 | Quote
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I usually play it with three fingers, cause it's easier to me. Maybe you don't, but I find there is enough room for the three fingers to fit in there. But it also depends on the song you're playing, cause sometimes you got to use only one finger so you can have the others free.
9 Dec 2006 05:30 | Quote
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Might check out this thread:


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