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Profile: E.Koreman

Joined: 11 Jan 2011
Lessons: 10
Name: Etienne
Surname: Koreman
Gender: Male
Age: 41
Country: Netherlands
Experience (years): 25
Profile views: 9144
Posts: 11

Instruments Played:

Guitars, some piano/keyboard

Favorite Bands and Styles of Music:

Anything artful. Especially Django Reinhardt, Beatles, Stones, Queen, Rosenberg Trio, Santana, Clapton, you name it.


I got my first own guitar at age 16. My father showed me the E and A chord and showed me how to move it up and down the neck to get other keys. He showed me that with the E-A-B progression some songs could be played. That was my music education basically. For years I practiced by playing along with records, especially Beatles. In the early years on an old 60s guitar with only two strings. Much later in life i started to read something about music theory because I got stuck in understanding modes. I could hear them and play them a bit but no on my own. That's when I discovered I should had read about music theory much earlier.

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