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Profile: AustinColl

Posts: 1
Name: Austin
Surname: Coll
Gender: Male
Age: 54
Country: Netherlands
City: Zwolle
Experience (years): 54
Profile views: 2402
Posts: 1

Instruments Played:

guitar, bazouki, harmonica, keyboard

Favorite Bands and Styles of Music:

any kind I like .. anything that rings bells ... anything NOT on MTV


I played music around Dublin [about 40 years ago] but the scene only wanted the Top 10 & 40 years ago the Top 10 was the same as it is now .. crap. So I moved to London & lo it was the same there. To avoid starvation I did some engineering which had me building sound desks for ABBA, Townshend & Lane & a few you never heard of. Then I went back to Dublin & mixed U2 for a couple of years. They were o.k. My Dad was ill & I needed the gig is all. Then Da died so I went back to London, to engineering, & spent too many years on the desk-end of rubbish I also kept at the hardware-end [which paid the rent]. & did the R&D for the AVS Adac. When engineering vanished from England I went back to playing music professionally. It was still crap. So now I live in The Netherlands with Anna & 4 cats & I make music I like with some local musicians I met. A strange journey & it turned out good. For a listen check out Castmp3 & key in my name. You don't have to like it.

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