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Overlapping Scales

30 Jul 2016 12:46 | Quote
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Is it possible to show overlapping scales? I haven't found it yet, but it would be a great study tool. If it's already possible, could someone tell me how to do it?
31 Jul 2016 09:54 | Quote
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Use the GUITAR SCALES tool at the top of page. Choose your scale. Then just choose frets one at a time. It will show the scale overlapping with each fret. You may want to study the CAGED method. It teaches overlapping of chords.Just apply the scale over each chord. A good way to master the fretboard. Hope this helps
31 Jul 2016 11:58 | Quote
Joined: 30 Jul 2016
Ah, no sorry. I'm looking for this specific teaching tool. I have software that does it, but haven't found anything on-line for students yet.

Thanks, though!

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